Sunday, February 14, 2010

Simple PHP Review

Alright. The reason I decided to put up a review for Simple PHP is because it was one of the best resources I found on PHP.

It is straight to the point and really gets at the meat of PHP right from the beginning. It is really nice and claims to teach you PHP in 17 hours which I think is accurate.

It comes with a nice manual that lets you copy and paste code samples which I found really helpful. Additionally, it comes with a bunch of videos that teaches you step by step how to program in PHP. Also, it comes with 5 complete scripts written entirely in PHP that are really amazing to see! The scripts cover everything from ad management to autoresponders. In fact, you may even find yourself tempted to use these scripts yourself on your website (and you can! It's part of the program). However, the scripts served as a good example of the kinds of projects you can do in PHP and showed full code put together in one project.

This truly was the best PHP resource I came across due to its simpleness, clarity and amount of material it teaches you packaged all together in one program. Also, the fact that it came with a manual as well as videos really was nice.

Ultimately, if you are looking to learn PHP fast, this is the resource I would recommend. It definitely helped me the most out of all the programs I used (and I used at a lot!)

I rated top books for you on the following criteria:

Price - 4/5 stars
Quality - 5/5 stars
Effectiveness - 5/5 stars

To read more about Simple PHP which will really have you learning PHP faster than ever even starting today, check our more information on Simple PHP here.

Welcome To Learning About PHP!

Hi, my name is Joe!

A little while ago, I decided I wanted to learn PHP. As you may already know, PHP is really important to programming on the internet so I decided to study PHP.

It was kind of daunting to learn a new programming language, but I stuck with it and kept trying to make progress. It turned out PHP wasn't that hard to learn and I was programming my very first project from the first day!

I tried a lot of different programs and resources to learn PHP but discovered that some worked better than others. I have decided to share my knowledge about these different PHP resources on this page so that others may benefit from all of my experience. This way, you can go straight to the best PHP resources and begin learning immediately from the best sources!

I am going to rank everything on the follow criteria:

I hope you learn something and more importantly, I hope you gain the same results I have.